Denise Garnett Berry

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Denise Garnett Berry grew up amidst the crime ridden alleys and avenues in her area. Second oldest in her family, she graduated from Germantown High School. As a young adult, she worked in the inner city as a teacher’s aide assisting in the day-to-day activities tending to students’ needs.

As a single parent, she successfully raised four bright minds (two sons and two daughters) who lead productive lives assisting others in various facets. Her youngest served two tours in Iraq as an administrative specialist in the armed forces, and is now stationed in Maryland.

Denise lived in Seattle for eight years, where she found her passion in Mission Africa. Mission Africa filled a void in her heart she never knew existed. She has visited Nigeria twice on short term Mission trips since 2008. Denise now resides in Texas and she looks to better the lives of others through her generosity and kindness