Free Medical Services

Free Medical Services for One Village in Nigeria 

Donation Goal - $10,000.00

Project Details
Mission Africa provides free medical outreach by partnering with local Nigerian health organizations and Nigeria based volunteers made up of medical doctors, nurses, public health professionals, medical lab technicians etc.

Our services include health education on basic hygiene and proper nutrition and prevention of common diseases like malaria, typhoid and more.

Since 2006, Mission Africa has provided over 5,000 free eye glasses through these outreaches to villagers in Africa who need them the most.

Mission Africa also uses these medical outreach events to promote HIV/AIDS awareness among community members. It is a platform to inform villagers where to go can get tested for HIV/AIDS and provide referrals to the nearest rural health clinic.

Please donate to help us provide free medical service to a village of about 3,000 people in remote part of eastern Nigeria.

Thank you.

Donation Deadline: Thursday, May 31, 2018