High School Education

High School Education for 50 Students in the Remote Villages of Nigeria

Donation Goal  - $17,500.00

Project Details
In most states of Nigeria, students do not receive a free education. Most children are only able to attend school when their parents can financially afford to send and keep them in school. Poor families experience overwhelming hardships trying to provide for their children’s schooling.

Mission Africa has committed to providing 50 students with an education scholarship, which provides for them throughout their secondary school until graduation.

Mission Africa awards scholarships, donate uniforms and school supplies to poor students. These village students are very smart and eager to learn but many of the current schools have no roofs, no floors and no plumbing.

Success to date: Mission Africa has already graduated the first round of fifty students. These students are hand picked by village members based on their poverty and inability to attend school. At the beginning of a term, 50 students are selected and then funded for the next six years. The first group of 50 students just graduated and the second group will be graduating by June of 2017.

Please donate to help us with our next batch of 50 students at $350.00 per student per year. For these students, education is their only ticket out of generational poverty.

Donation Deadline: Sunday, September 30, 2018