Mission Africa Partners

Under the leadership of Mission Africa, these organizations have formed unique partnerships based on common goals. They have established remarkable capacities that create sustainable, tangible, and measurable results, which in turn improve lives in impoverished communities. Most of the work is readily accomplished with small budgets and predominantly volunteer staff.

Mission Africa Tanzania: is a non-profit organization and NGO based in Tanzania and working with the local communities and other agencies to support children, youth and women in their struggle against illiteracy, poverty and preventable diseases.

Agrihealth Initiatives; a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to respond to the emerging household and community crisis resulting from the 1990's HIV/AIDS epidemic, providing education and basic health care

Mission Africa Uganda; a non-profit organization based in Uganda focusing on assistance in education, including scholarships and school materials, supporting mothers and children, and support income generation projects for youth.

Melchizedek Junior School Project; a project dedicated to raising funds for a small school for orphans on the outskirts of Kampala to help them with the basics of a roof, books, supplies and food.

Mission Africa Gambia: is a registered nonprofit charitable organisation that provides educational assistance, health support, and income generation for women and youth.

Ghana Global Career Center; a nationwide career service program that provides industry related pre-employment training, job market preparation, and job placement solutions for lower level students, and recent graduates.

Dorcas Consolation Family; a non-profit organization and NGO serving countrywide to equip local single mothers for sustainable development in thier communities.

Mission Africa for Health & Education; an NGO in Nigeria focusing on providing six year high school education scholarships, free medical services in the remote villages and economic empowerment for the youth.

Girl Child Concern Nigeria; an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of youth, specifically girls, through improved educational opportunities.

Health & Life International;  an international NGO with offices in Nigeria, West Africa and USA with the mission for quality and total health care for the poor.

Caring Hearts International; an international not-for-profit charitable organization that generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance for people living in the most remote regions of Nigeria.

IBARI Charities; an international non-profit organization with focus on technology to improve local agriculture, food production, food management and distribution for people living in remote regions of Nigeria.