Lipoma Surgery

Lipoma Surgery for Mr. Emiri in Delta State of Nigeria

Donation Goal - $850.00

Project Details

Mission Africa's 2017 free medical outreach was with the Ase community in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. We provided free medical services to over 400 people, ranging from treating children and adults of various health issues to over 250 receiving eye treatment and about 178 receiving free glasses. Patients with glaucoma and cataracts got medical counsel.

It was a great day for the community and Mission Africa volunteers, but not quite for Mr. Gilbert Emiri (above) — A 60 year old man from a neighboring village who was one of the first to arrive the outreach arena and literally the last one to leave.

Mr. Emiri had a lump (approximately 80×80 mm) on the back of his head (occipital area, just above the neck), which he has had for several years. On physical examination, the lump was soft, doughy, painless, and movable. A diagnosis of lipoma was made.

Mr. Emiri came pleading and expecting our medical team to surgically remove the lump, a stigma he’s had for many years. His blood pleasure was 200/100mmHg and he was placed on anti hypertensives as a precaution. Mission Africa then made a tentative decision to sponsor Mr. Emiri to a local hospital for proper blood pressure control, monitoring and surgery for the lipoma.

Your gift of $850.00 to Mission Africa will cover the cost of surgery and recovery for Mr. Emiri and together, we will change another life indeed.

Thank you!

Donation Deadline: Wednesday, May 30, 2018