Mr Geoffrey Chibuike Anyaegbu

I have been a volunteer for Mission Africa for about 3 years now. However my first outreach with them was in 2017 when we visited a community in Delta state, Nigeria. 

My coming in contact  with mission Africa  has further awaken my inert inclinations of charity and selfless service. I have now realised that  you do not need to be the president of your country, governor of your state, bishop of your church or  the richest person in your community before you can impact lives, each of  us has something to offer to the next person especially  someone  who can not reciprocate a  kind gesture. It was mother Teresa of Calcutta who said ' if you cannot feed hundred people then just feed one '.

My experience with this non profit making organization has revealed that once you decide to make an honest change and you go as far as taking the first step, God will call forth resources  to help you accomplish that. The biggest investment we can make in life is only the investment we make in people. Mission Africa is truly living up to that expectation in Nigeria and entire African continent through her various educational, medical and vocational programs.

I am very pleased to be associated with Mission Africa.
Mr. Geoffrey Chibuike Anyaegbu ( Proud Mission Africa Volunteer)

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