Odu Harrieth Ugochinyerem

Mission Africa is the first work I have done voluntarily since I became an adult as a selfless service, without regret up-to today, still emphasising on the activities been done at Delta state when ever am telling stories to people regarding to selfless/ charity work.

Free food, free clothes, free transportation, free accommodation(comfortably) while general believe in this world is that nothing is being done free but Mission Africa proves me wrong that there are things you can do freely no matter the cost and still be happy once the purpose is archived.

Lessons I Learned:

1: God can use anybody to bless a soul, as the bible said "If you refuse to praise me, I will command stones to do that"

2: Proper planning and organising can also do a great work, utilizing time not left out (time constraints).

3: Carrying everybody along is very important as Ndudi and the Family did, they didn't make anyone to feel much important/ superior than another, it gives me joy too even though I had little or no experience.

4: We shouldn't be putting money/ salary first in every work .

Odu Harrieth Ugochinyerem Joined Mission Africa Volunteers this year February.

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