My journey with Mission Africa started on October 28th, 2017 where I registered as a volunteer to help with their annual luncheon

This is my fourth year of volunteering with this Life Changing Organization that has stood tall in putting smiles to people's face; as too many people out there are suffering from one sickness or the other..

My experience with Mission Africa is unforgettable. And they have taught me the joy in selflessness even when it is not convenient.

I joined mission Africa in the year 2014, when my friend Ugochukwu introduced me to the organization. My volunteer experience with mission Africa Is that I find it incredible and satisfying doing what changes people's life to better.

Mission Africa is the first work I have done voluntarily since I became an adult as a selfless service, without regret...

My experience as a Mission Africa Volunteer Life’s most urgent question is; “What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr. I had always looked for diverse ways of answering this question and decided to take a bold step when I heard about Mission Africa through a friend of mine.

My name is Juliet Njima. I first volunteered with Mission Africa in 2015. I heard alot about it from a friend and was convinced to join.

I have been a volunteer for Mission Africa for about 3 years now. However my first outreach with them was in 2017 when we visited a community in Delta state, Nigeria. 

I am Dr Martins Kedienhon(OD), I have volunteered for mission Africa for two year now and still counting. Mission Africa has really put smile on people's faces and has brought joy to families.

I heard about about Mission Africa sometime in 2013, and was privileged to volunteer during an outreach at Amokwe Item, Abia State Nigeria on 4th May 2014. The experience was second to none as we reached out to those in the hinterland who needed the help. I look forward to volunteering in the future.